Why is my gallery named the way it is? The name Vitaminthy / Vitamin-Thy is built on a story...

  • Vita is my name, and translates to "Life" in latin. 
  • Min (danish for my): passion is colors and the flow in art. For me, art is an encounter with something inside ourselves. It awakens senses, emotions and memories.
  • Thy is all around me. My workshop is located in National Park Thy, close to the surf spot Cold Hawaii. Right in the middle between the roaring Western Sea and the great dune plantations.

Who am I ?

I was born in Thy, and since I was a child I have been fascinated by creating images, by the world of colors, by music and by light. 

My camera roll is always full of photos. I am captivated by beautiful natural experiences, exciting color combinations, things that make me wonder and admire. 

I mainly work with acrylic on canvas, and often involve mixed media, texture, watercolor and linoleum print. 

Alongside my  profession as a visual arts teacher, I have often experimented with new techniques in art, and participated in various creative courses. 

Welcome to my artistic universe.

Sincerely, Vita