Why is my gallery called - Vita - Min - Thy
  • Vita is my name, and in latin it means  "Life.
  • My passion is colours and flow in art.
  • To me, art is free. It often evokes a feeling, or brings back a memory.
  • Thy is my home. My work-space is here , in the Northern part of Denmark, in an area called National Park Thy. Close to surfspot Cold Hawaii  - and right between the roaring sea and the calm forest.

My Story 

Ever since I was a child , I have loved spending time on creative projects... Mainly drawings, paintings, photos and collage.

The world of colours  and light is pure energy, and nature is my constant flow of inspiration.

My camera is always  full of photos  - sunsets, the ocean, the beach, the forest, the meadow... I just love the colour-palette it provides.

I work mainly with acrylic on canvas, and I often include mixed media - such as texture, watercolour, ink, gold and linoleum prints.

I am an educated art-teacher and I often experiment with new techniques or take part in different creative workshops.

Welcome to my universe of art. Wish you all the best :)