Paintings, that have traveled the world

Here you can find inspiration and color experiences in some of the paintings which have now gone to new homes. Many of my paintings are painted to order, based on wishes for color, flow, details, feelings etc.

Dancing Waves

The painting here became both a birthday present and a gift of love.

Song of the Forest

These calm shades and natural shapes now spread good vibes in a lovely summer house.

Playful Water

The play of the water now lives with a married couple who, after several years in the middle of the harsh nature in Thy, now lives in the big city.

Love of Nature

Three paintings gives you more options. In a group, or as a thread of colors in several rooms of your home.


Art that gives a personal touch to your home. Three coordinated round paintings in warm and luminous shades.

Blue Universe

A blue universe, with bright streaks of the Milky Way, clear blue sky and night blue depths.

Underneath the wave

A child's description of this painting:
"This is what it's like to stand under a wave". The wave is rolling on at May-Britt's home.

Path of Nature

Beautiful colors taken from forest, sand and dune landscape. The artwork is a part of a series of three.

Stormy Sea

Painting with wavy foam tops in sea green colors and bright details.


Ordered by someone who loves pink colors, like a glass of rosé on a sunny summer day.


Do you know Mercury? The planet closest to the sun. This one is now close to Katja.

The Coastline

This painting was made for a family who lives by a beautiful garden that leads to the Limfjorden.

Dive in the sea

This piece was requested by Laura. Memories of summer by the Mediterranean.

Saga - The Goddess

The Scandinavian goddess Saga, -associated with prophecy and wisdom. The painting now resides in Copenhagen.

Colours of Nature

The painting here was made based on a desire for art with colors from nature along with the West Coast.

Sea Mist & Wind

This set now lives with Sonja, and is painted with blue sky, sea breeze and sun glimmer in mind.

Blue lake

Sweet Christina, who lives with a view of the lake and forest, has bought these blue paintings.


This painting was sold to FOLIUM, and contains motifs of deer skin, gold, suede and mist

Caught in the Surf

Painting of the beautiful blue mussel, also called the gold of the fjord. Now live in a beautiful home here in Thy.

Summer Sunset

Requested by a customer to decorate the family bedroom. They wanted a view of meadow, field and forest - in one work of art.

Green Dunes

A series of three paintings. The colors are the epitome of the wild nature in Thy. Dune landscape, beach and forest.

Summer at the Marina

A painting in the shades of the sea united with sand, charcoal gray and glimmers of gold. Now part of an art association.

Your painting...

Fell free to write or stop by for a chat about wishes for your home. I also do gift cards.

More paintings coming...